Dallapalli Waterfall Trek

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Aug 25 2019₹1299

A hidden gem of the Eastern Ghats, Dallapalli situated in Paderu is a beautiful place full of valleys, breathtaking views and also a hidden waterfall which is only known to the locals and no clue to the mainstream tourists. Trails through farms, coffee plantations, streams and so on lead to gorgeous waterfalls hidden in the valley.
Trail length: 8 km
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Start date: 25 August, 2019
End date: 25 August, 2019
Timing: 5 AM to 7 PM

1. Is the trek safe?
- Very much as we would have local trek guides who know the area well and would help us throughout the trek. But basic safety rules need to be followed.
2. Is fitness required?
- Basic fitness helps.
3. Is first-aid available?
- Yes, basic first aid kit and sanitary pads would be carried by the team in case of emergency. If personal medication is needed we advise you to carry yourself.
4. What to carry?
- Extra set of clothes if you want to change, RainCoat, two water bottles, a large polythene cover, shoes with a proper grip and breathable clothes are advised.
5.What about the food?
-The breakfast is going to be en route Paderu at a viewpoint. During the trek carry some snacks. Once the trek is over there would be hot lunch provided.
6. What about pick-up points and route?
-We would be starting from RTC Complex and deciding a pickup route based on where the majority of people would want to board from and also ease of pick up. All pickups will be done by starting time. You would be dropped on the same route.
7. What does the price include?
Rs 1299/- which is inclusive of travel for the 250kms round trip, breakfast&lunch and guiding

1. The attendees come on their own will acknowledging the risk involved in trekking like any other sport. Stardust Adventures and the team is only responsible for guiding the trek route only. A Waiver of Liability form would be signed by the trekkers attending.
2. The fee is non-refundable but the ticket transferable.

Note: Localwire doesn't hold any responsibility for the event in case cancellation or modification, Oraganisers are liable and subject to answerable.

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